The Silent Rave

Today I learned something new. I learned about the Silent Rave. Most of us know what a Rave is — it is a big old warehouse party — often all night and in the past 20 – 30 years very often associated with drug use (remember Ecstasy?) Raves blossomed from smaller warehouse venues to full scale events hosting thousands of party-goers. Lights, sound, action, techno-pop, drugs, technology. Also known as “mobile clubbing” and not uncommon in Europe and Canada, it is now taking hold in the US.

As I listened to the story on NPR about yesterday’s Silent Rave in New York’s Union Square, I was captivated by the concept of all these people, coming together, at a planned party with a synchronized start time, but listening to their music of choice on their mobile players. I was imagining them dancing and laughing, but with the music only in their heads. And I wondered…what would happen if we had a silent presidential campaign. Would that be possible? Everyone gaining a good understanding of the issues and party positions and then coming together, as a group, and not saying anything. Just being there, in their own silent rave, listening to whatever they wanted to that expressed their political hopes and beliefs. Red, Blue, Democrat, Republican, Independants…all together and no talking. It would sound like this:

Would it mean that the candidates would really be able to talk, one-on-one, and heart to heart with Americans? On the ground, at silent campaigns, with hand-written signs asking “what are your concerns today?” Would we elect a president, then, based on what WE felt and thought and not what we were being FED to think?

I wonder. Silently.

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