They were HOW old???

Keep your eyes open for highlights of the famous and infamous who accomplished greatness over the age of 50. The list below primarily contains men. I’m researching women, but will accept all nominations. The only criteria is that their achievements must have taken place after the age of 50. Thanks to Dr. Mark Burgin for the in-depth research.

What people can do:

After 50:

Plato — father of philosophy
Leonardo da Vinci — Renaissance man, outstanding artist, inventor, architect, and engineer
Leonard Euler — mathematician
Johann Sebastian Bach — master composer
George Frideric Handel — master composer
Igor Sikorsky — great inventor and engineer
Robert Peary — renowned traveler
Roald Amundsen — renowned traveler
Genghis Khan — fearless warrior and statesman
Confucius — famous philosopher
Sheila Scott — outstanding pilot
Richard Rutan — outstanding pilot
Maximilien Conrad — outstanding pilot

Sheila Scott, aviatrix

After 60

James Joseph Sylvester — great mathematician
Benjamin Disraeli — incredible statesman
Francisco de Goya — visionary artist
Michelangelo — perhaps the greatest artist, sculptor, architect, and engineer
Michael Melvill — intrepid astronaut
Steve Fossett — outstanding pilot
Claude Meunier — outstanding pilot

After 70:

Ronald Reagan — beloved statesman and politician

After 80:

Moses — prophet, leader of the Jewish people

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