Time Goes By

If you have not yet perused the pages of Ronni Bennet’s blog (and award winning banner) “Time Goes By: what it’s really like to get older”, then you are missing out on a very sharp view from a brilliant elderblogger and more than that, the community of both like-minded and sometimes not-so-like-minded voices from the 50 plus demographic. With such a volatile economy and election ahead, on Sunday, Ronni aggregates submissions from different bloggers to showcase an assortment of views related to the election campaign and political battle for the Presidency. I’m honored to be among that group this week (many of you have already read my post on unemployment), but if you are not a subscriber, head on over and enter your email at TGB. It will open your eyes just a bit more. I include her in my group of pioneers “Who Changed the World at 50 Plus”.

One thought on “Time Goes By

  1. Janet…

    This is so kind of you. I don’t think I’ve “changed the world at 50-plus”, but maybe I’ve gotten a few people to alter how they think about getting old and it’s really nice of you to honor that.

    Thank you so much.

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