To transparency and beyond!

If you haven’t visited the White House website lately, it is a must-see at  Not only are there daily updates, but they are exciting. 

No way to segue gracioiusly here, but if you have a kid and have been to Disneyland in the past few years, then you might have enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear show in Tomorrowland.  In the show, kids are taught the space crusaders were taught the credo, “To infinity and beyond!” Pretty good for space travellers. 

Well, the Obama camp has done it again…addressing calls for transparency (and payment on the campaign promise), very early on, Obama has a new website:, where the economic recovery is being tracked and reported upon. 

There are charts:


And even areas to voice your stories, thoughts and concerns. 

There is also a link to the final 407 page bill so anyone who wants to be informed, can be.  This horrible economic situation sure isn’t Disney…by any comparison, but I do think we may need an economic credo for our economic warriors.  So in hopes of optimistic years ahead…how about: “To transparency and beyond!” 

2 thoughts on “To transparency and beyond!

    1. I see it as a work-in-progress. Obama didn’t create the mess we are in, but he’s taken on the responsibility to do his best to get us mobilized and out of it. So, the fact that there is even a website dedicated to giving info on recovery efforts, is fantastic. That it goes to July 2009 is better than going to March 2009 and I suspect there will be many, many bumps along the way. But, I am impressed and delighted at the amount of info at my fingertips regarding the economic state of our country.

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