Too old to work, my foot!!

I run a group on eons called Careers for Boomers and 50 Plus. This is one of the posts this week, from Maddi which you can also find under the Ask Wendy label.

“Please allow me to vent here for a minute. Do employers not know we have bills to pay too? Do employers not know we are one of the best groups to hire from? ( we = baby-boomers.)
I’m just a high school grad, no college… but I’ve work in jobs that most don’t want… nursing homes, fast-food, etc. I’ve not worked in about 3 yr’s…. I have been looking for 3 yr’s!, ( 1 yr solid, other 2 off and on.) and kept track of where I go, and when I went around to check on the apps.
Seems all anybody want’s now are the kids. Are there any home-based jobs out there… legit.
Signed…. Too old work, too young to retire. (Maddi)”

Hi Maddi,

Because I’ve been writing for a long time, I get approached often by home-based business operators looking to tap into our demographic. So far, I’ve not come across one that I’d be able to attach my name to. The one career opportunity that does seem to come up more often is working as a caregiver. That is not a home-based business, but you do have more freedom than a straight 9 – 5’er. If anyone knows of home-based businesses they can recommend…we’d love to hear from you! Add your comments here or on the eons group and I’ll make sure to get the word out.


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