Too Young for Gen Plus?

Our blitz is on. Interested Gen Plus JobSeekers are adding their resumes to our database. Employers are adding in JobPostings. And we’re off to the races!

Ummm….well…not totally…

Of course, in beta testing, we fixed up the blips, the bumps, the bleeps. We were running smooth as silk. Of course, in the real world, our brand new, delighted Gen Plussers are getting…ERROR messages!

The server ain’t happy, apparently. Errors should be fixed by tomorrow, so please try your login again over the weekend and job possibilities shall reign once again!

At the same time as recovering from the onslaught of new Gen Plussers Seeking and Employing, we’re receiving requests to join Gen Plus…by those UNDER 50. I’m guessing this is a good thing. Having lived in Sunny California for close to a decade, I’m used to people lying their ages down…but lying up is refreshing! Flattering!

Unfortunately, the service is only available to 50-Plus…but if you are one of the young ‘uns…then y’all come back now in a few years…the door will be open…y’hear?

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