Turning 60

An absolutely wonderful article by Jerry Adler, Newsweek, on the first of the Boomers turning 60, published November 14th. Somehow I missed it! But follow the link and enjoy in it’s entirety. An introspective retrospective that hits all our issues right on the head. Very well done.

You’ll also note that Matt Thornhill (The Boomer Project) is quoted. Matt specializes in marketing for Boomers over 50, (see a link to his site on our sidebar) and I find his take on the 50 plus demographic is accurate and relevant.

Just a side note that is helpful in reading Mr. Adler’s article: The Boomer population (between 41 and 60 years of age) is 78 million strong. There can be a lot of confusion over the breakdown of the market segments in the 50 plus group. But it certainly creates a lot of discussion! The over 50 population is broken into three general segments — Boomers also liberally (though not entirely accurately) referred to as pre-retirees, who are usually between 50 and 62 (so it is like Boomer plus 2 years); active retirees, approximately between 62 and 75; and true seniors, the older old, 75 and above. And marketers work to define strategies to attract each of these segments specifically.

Where Gen Plus is a bit different is that we are not specifically targeted to just one segment…although Boomers (pre-retirees…what a dreadful term!) make up the bulk of our membership. We directly affect both the “pre-retiree” and “active retirees” because regardless of where your age “pegs” you, you work, want to work, want to produce, need to produce. I suspect that you will feel an instant connection with Mr. Adler’s article — he hits it just right.

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