Unplugged on the West Side

Gen Plus is doing GREAT! We’ve made some modifications that you’ll like much better. Thanks to those of you who sent your comments and critiques. We’re keeping it simple and clean — getting right to the nitty-gritty needs of our tribe. In a couple of weeks keep watch for a beta code so you can try the service at no charge for a few months. Please pass the word along to your 50-plus friends. I’ve been hearing from 40-somethings who love the concept and want to take advantage of the job search. Well…they’ll have to WAIT!

On another note and one that has NOTHING to do with Gen Plus, today LA came unplugged. Literally. From the San Fernando Valley, down through the West Side and down through Torrance. For those of you not in the LA region…that’s a LOT of geography. All this due to worker error.

One worker. $45K
One false connection. $45M
No traffic lights for 4 million commuters. Priceless.

One day after a terror video. Needless to say everyone was in a controlled panic. Trying NOT to be overly worried. And then we found out it was a worker mistake. See? There is no need for us to be alarmed that terrorists will harm us here. Los Angelenos can do it all by themselves.

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