Update. Tagline, Encino, CA. Monday, May 18 and still no Test Strips.

Well, I’m sure many of you aren’t shocked, but here I sit, having a coffee (de-caf) with my mother, discussing how she STILL hasn’t received any…ANY…test strips from her mail order prescription provider, Prescription Solutions.  Please refer to my post from last week, which in turn, refers you to my mother, Corinne’s blog post on her torturous, Kafka-esque attempt (I was going to say excruciatingly torturous attempt, but I’ll save that for the next post) to get test strips so that she doesn’t go into a diabetic coma. She is supposed to monitor her blood a minimum of twice a day and she has had NO….NO test strips for over 6 weeks.  Now some of you may think she isn’t trying hard enough.  So, I refer you to HER post of last week, where she details her attempts to navigate the health care system for which she is paying over $1200 a MONTH.  And she still can’t get test strips.  She repeats her health card numbers (from Pacificare, United Healthcare, Medicare) over and over again to an army of little bureaucrats who can only read from a script.  There are no supervisors.  No managers.  No directors.  No one who is reachable.  No one who can make a decision or help.  And no one who ever calls back when you ask them to, because you would, in fact, be home.  And no callback number.  Just a letter that tells you that they have been TRYING to reach you.  She has three of these letters now.  (I’m seeing a TV docu-mini-series here.)

So…she’s guessing at her blood sugars.  I’m guessing they are kind of high.  Kind of like trying to lose weight with no scale to monitor your progress.  Now, if she doesn’t eat enough and her blood sugars drop too low, I will come home from a dog walk and find her on the floor…comatose.  So, then I’ll call 911, get an ambulance which will cost a whole ton’o’money.  And the hospital stay.  More money.  Where they will give her sugar to wake her up from her coma.  And then send her home with test strips.  Ahhhh.  Feel much better now.

Doesn’t it seem just ridiculous that I’m dedicating a post…now two posts…to the acquisition of test strips.  However, I intend to keep squeaking this wheel until the strips arrive.  Hopefully, someone, from Pacificare, United Health, Prescription Solutions, or Medicare, will read this and decide to help…I mean, do their job.  Hopefully, someone from CNN, the LA Times, the NY Times, National Public Radio, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, or the Wall Street Journal, will be doing a timely feature on the value of preventive medicine (i.e. test strips for diabetics).  And, perhaps they’ll come across this post.  I hope they do.  And I’ll be more than happy to introduce them to Corinne, my mother.

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