Video from this morning’s protests at Balboa Magnet

Early this morning, about 200 parents, students, teachers & staff rallied for public support against the draconian budget cuts looming over California public schools.

One thought on “Video from this morning’s protests at Balboa Magnet

  1. Dear Janet Spiegel, long time no write. Am ion face book, if you care to argue from the other side of the planet – nice and safe. When are you-all going to wake up to the fact that every one of you has been taken for a ride by the bankers of the world – whose money do you think they pay themselves with ? Their clients of course – what is the matter with everyone – why don’t you stand on top of the tallest buildings you can find and shame them by laughing at them ? We have exactly the same problem in Britain – no-one will stand up to them – for all sorts of shabby reasons, which range from greed to cowardice. Best wishes, Allan McDowall.

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