Website Grader Score Climbs

If you scroll down the left sidebar, you’ll see a badge from Website Grader with a score of 94 in it.  That’s my score.  It means that out of all the websites and blogs out there, the grader has assessed everything from content, to site indexing, to subscribers and is telling me that I rank higher than 94% of all the other websites out there.  I think that is amazing.  How did I do that, you ask?  Content.  There are SEO and SEM marketers who will be able to bump your sites by strategically working with your key words and meta tags, but I’ve used very little SEO or SEM with this website.  I have many subscribers (which is kinda flattering…so thank you for being interested in my wacky world observations) and I have over 600 posted articles over a period of 5 years. 

That gives me a high site index (each page gets “crawled” and then indexed by the search engines for future searches).    A few months ago, when I checked my rank on Website Grader, my rank was 81.  The only thing I started to do differently was be more diligent in adding tags to each post.  Everything else still lies with content.

If you have a website and want to see how yours ranks, just head over to, a free SEO analytical service, and type in your url.  You’ll be amazed to see what actually gets searched to give you your grade.   I like to compare my rankings to those of Dosh-Dosh (, an incredible blog about internet marketing, written by a mid-twenties blogger.  He’s tops of the tops (99.7 on Grader and Page Rank of 6 on Google) with over 10,000 subscribers.  When I see what he does, I am always humbled and I realize how much more I could be doing. 

Still, 94 isn’t a grade to take lightly.  I’m pretty pleased for today.  Gonna have a coffee now, and give myself a virtual pat on the back.   Or eat a scone.

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