Where is YOUR money going…or coming from?

I read Ronni Bennet’s post today with great interest:  http://www.timegoesby.net/weblog/2008/12/the-real-economic-story.html  Like many of us, she wonders what it happening to the many, many middle class, working poor, and poor who have been hit (and will continue to be hit) hardest by the economic meltdown.  On my group at Eons, I ask the question, how has the economy affected your spending this holiday period?  Really, the question is, how is the economy affecting your ability to make ends meet, pay your medical bills, heating bills, car insurance and groceries?

3 thoughts on “Where is YOUR money going…or coming from?

  1. Our entire family collectively decided to cut back on holiday gift giving this year, probably permanently.

    We are cancelling our telephone landline and cutting back on cable TV features to reduce monthly expenses so that we can pay off the mortgage earlier.

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