Where y’at?

In an attempt to do something good for my mind AND my body, I take a pilates/yoga class. The pilates strengthens the core and is fantastic for your body. The yoga gets out all the kinks and is wonderful for opening and centering your mind. Great combo.

Yesterday, in our class, just as we went into the final 5 minute relaxation (yes, you get to close your eyes and drift off for a little snooze after sweating like a pig for an hour), one of the cleaners forgot that we had a class going on. He was trying to find one of his coworkers. “Dave,” he shouted, “Where y’at?” Really loud. Again and again and again. It was pretty funny. Kind of shook us out of our relaxation, but funny all the same. “Where y’at? WHERE Y’AT? HUH?”

We all want to feel connected whether in a big old building in the darkening evening or through the online communities that we are building across the world. I LOVE that so many people visit the blog from all over the world. Japan and China. Germany and Italy. South America, India, Canada. Of course, all over the US (often from towns I’ve never heard of.) So I’m asking you two questions today. Where were you born? And right now…Where y’at? To comment, click on the comment link below.

And …if you’ve never commented on a blog before, give it a shot. It’s fun. If you prefer email, e me at wspiegel@genplususa.com and I’ll post your response for you.

2 thoughts on “Where y’at?

  1. I was born in Chicago and now live in San Francisco. People were friendlier in Chicago, but I like the climate a lot better in SF!

  2. I was born in a small town in New York State (50 + years ago), lived in the New Yor City area (Bronx and Queens), and moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area ten years ago.

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