Who decided that Israel should be portrayed as the aggressor?

Every time I write something that is mildly inflammatory or oppositional, I always like to see how many subscribers unsubscribe and how many readers decide that they will become a subscriber.  This happened with ANY article I wrote that criticized Sarah Palin throughout the election campaign and up to the meth-related arrest of her future son-in-law’s mom.  Every time I voiced support for Obama, there would be another flurry of activity.  And I’m expecting a flurry of subscribe/unsubscribe activity following today’s post. 

The past few week there have been snippets in the news on the rockets and missiles being lobbed into Israel from the Hamas (terrorist organization)-run Gaza strip.  Now that Israel is striking back in order to protect it’s DEMOCRACY, in a tiny, tiny little country, smaller than the size of  New Jersey (would fit 8 times into Florida), there are world protests, CNN coverage (always as anti-semitic/anti-Israel as it can push the envelope) and so much anger against Israel.  I just don’t get it. 

If a terrorist group were sitting in New Jersey, lobbing missiles within a few miles of Manhattan, I’m pretty sure the US would do something.  This is no longer the days of throwing rocks (which were boulders, by the way…thrown off rooftops to crush vehicles).  This is the day of launching powerful, smuggled missiles, by a terrorist group that has sworn to destroy Israel. 

Who opens their eyes to the documented fact that Hamas PLANTS missiles and rockets in populated areas in order to  use innocent civilions and hospitals and schools as shields for their weapons.  And acknowledges that heavy weaponery being funnelled in (or rather tunnelled in) from Iran and via underground tunnels in Egypt.  This is not a war between Israel and the Gaza.  It is a test of the war that is coming between Iran and the US and that is being staged in the Middle East.

Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, is responding to 100 missiles landing in Israel just yesterday.  He will likely hit back until the anti-Israel missile strikes stop.    If a bully continued to push, hurt and hit my child and my child could not stop it, if my intervention did not help, then I would pull out ALL stops and bring in the principal and even campus police if needed. 

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To see the playing field closer up, I prefer the Debka File for local middle east reporting. 

DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that Hamas still has some 6,000 missiles in its armory, of which some hundred are the high-grade Iran-made Grad Kayusha rockets.

Their range of up to 40 km enables them to target three-quarters of a million Israelis and five major southern towns. This stock survives after Israel wiped out 45% of the Hamas missile arsenal and most of its heavy 120mm mortars in three days of massive air strikes.

At the firing level maintained by Hamas Monday, Dec. 29 – roughly 100 missiles and rockets hit Israeli locations – the Palestinian group can keep going for another 60 days – if its stocks remain hidden underground.

To alter this equation, the armored and infantry forces concentrated around the Gaza Strip will have to intervene.

No one wants any innocents to perish — not in Israel and not in Gaza.  But there is so much more to understand than the sound bites that shape popular opinion.

4 thoughts on “Who decided that Israel should be portrayed as the aggressor?

  1. kudos to you for this headline and provocative, well-reasoned post… it is all about framing. When defending one’s country, coverage tends to be at both extremes…look up Paul Saffo/ forecaster’s views on NPR show by Michael Krasney via kqed

    1. Well, thank you! I’d be delighted with a link back. Your material is terrific. I’m updating my links and I’ll be happy to add yours. i think that my readers will get a kick out of reading your perspective!

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