Who is looking to hire?

Is the tide starting to turn for 50-plus jobseekers? Are employers starting to feel the crunch?

Maybe so. Home Depot, self-declared 50-plus friendly, has been advertising on the radio. They are aggressively recruiting. On AM radio. Who listens to the news/traffic station? Me, obviously. Typically working commuters over 45. Driving, listening for traffic reports and news on the world at large. And ads for jobs at Home Depot.

There is a tough trend happening in the work force. Gen Y’ers aren’t sticking around. Costs of training and turnover are very high, but from what I am seeing in many businesses, the younger generation (Gen Y, echo boomers, boomerangs), used to growing up with the internet and a high level of information and media flowing right toward them, is, frankly, getting bored. After a few months of work, if promotions aren’t coming quickly enough, they tend to leave and find another position that will afford them quicker growth opportunity, higher pay, more work-life balance (as in 70% life balance against 30% work balance — not official stats, just Wendy observations.)

So Home Depot is looking. Really looking. For sales associates up to managers. If you are an out-of-work 50-plusser, looking to get your foot back in the game, I’d take a look for a Home Depot near you and find out who they need and if you can fit their bill. Lots of people are listening to their radio waves. Yup…I think the tide just may be starting to turn.

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