Wildfire, Coyotes and Arson

This time of year is wildfire season in LA — hot, hot temperatures (triple digit plus, plus, plus), and extremely low humidity.  The “Station” fire, which is still burning hot north and west of LA, has now burned an area the size of Chicago and is the largest fire in the history of modern LA.   Fire detectives have determined that the fire was a result of arson — which makes it even worse.  Homes and lives have perished and at this point the fire is 47% contained.   

It is easy to see dramatic effect from where we live — just a few miles away from the advancing ridge of flames.  Many of us can see the fire from our homes because of the huge flames — some have been reported as high as 300 feet.  While the air is starting to clear a bit, there is ash still falling (you can see flakes of ash on your car, on the sidewalks) and a thin layer of dust infiltrates inside the house.  Coyotes and other wildlife are coming out in our residential areas because they’ve been driven out of the mountains.  Yesterday, someone’s rabbit was killed around the corner, and another person found a dismembered squirrel in their backyard.

I’ve seen coyotes walking on my street as late as 7AM when they typically would disappear at the first sign of light, and as early as 8PM, whereas they’d usually only appear after it was quite dark.  My dog stands sentinel at the front door, whining and whimpering when a coyote passes by and the dog door gets shut after dark. 

It will be an interesting weekend.  Usually on this last weekend of summer, we are playing in pools and running down to the beach…but with such poor air quality, we’ve been staying inside as much as possible and trying to beat the heat and smoke.  A lot of people and a lot of animals have been displaced, and with school starting for LAUSD next Wednesday, it might be a tough last long weekend of summer for a lot of people.

2 thoughts on “Wildfire, Coyotes and Arson

  1. After living in the LA area for 18 years, I am very familiar with the air quality during fire season. These fires sound particularly bad. Please stay safe, and be sure to vacuum off your window sills and screens after the fire. The soot can be pretty bad. I remember all the scoot from the fire seasons of 2003 and 2004 in Santa Clarita. The bad air really bothered my husband’s asthma, so anyone with such issues needs to be extra careful.

    Lisa Alkana

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