Wow…what a morning for GM.

On the heels of a really impressive morning, exploring the Cadillac lineup and the stylish Chevrolet Cruze (and one of my faves, the Volt), comes the announcement from General Motors that Fritz Henderson has resigned as President and CEO of General Motors.   I was kind of surprised.  I’m a taxpayer, so I guess his boss, kinda sorta, and I didn’t know he was planning on leaving.  Or not planning on leaving.  The timing of the drama of the day is too bad, because it will likely overshadow some of the truly great work that has gone on in the product arena over the past year.   Henderson was supposed to deliver the keynote tomorrow morning (which will now be delivered by the always fantastic Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman Marketing Communications.    I’m all in a gafuffle.  I wasn’t able to make the keynote due to my motherly duties.  But now I must.  Let you know what is said or not said tomorrow. 

In the meantime, check out the next few posts with pics of some great vehicles.

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